Frequently Asked Questions

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Company, Mission & Vision

What is Triall?

Why was Triall founded?

What is the background of Triall's team?

What is Triall's mission?

What is Triall's vision for clinical trials?

How does Triall contribute to realising its vision for clinical trials?

Who are Triall's key partners?

Products & Services

What products does Triall offer?

Where can I learn more about the products offered by Triall?

How do Triall products compare to other eClinical solutions?

Does Triall offer CRO services?

What types of clinical trials can use Triall’s products and services?

Security & Compliance

How does Triall ensure regulatory compliance?

How does Triall ensure data security?

How does Triall ensure reliability and availability of its software?

Technology & Innovation

What is blockchain?

What benefits does blockchain offer for clinical trials?

How does blockchain fit with data privacy regulations such as GDPR?

Does blockchain consume high amounts of energy?

Why did Triall launch its own token TRL?

What is hashing?