Triall eConsent allows you to remotely onboard and engage patients for your clinical studies.


With the shift to digital and decentralised clinical trials, remote consent management has become a clear necessity. Triall eConsent enables you to collect informed consent from any device and any location. Moreover, the application provides you with real-time access to informed consent forms as they are being generated.


Triall eConsent offers an advanced drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to fully customise your informed consent forms (incl. multimedia components and educational hyperlinks). Moreover, you can include workflows and conditional actions to meet study/site-specific requirements and ensure compliance.


Triall eConsent expedites study startup and patient onboarding. It improves patient understanding by promoting the comprehension of study procedures and terminology. Moreover, the application allows you to seamlessly deploy and track (re)consent throughout the full length of the study.


Key functionalities

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Build advanced ICFs

Tap into an advanced drag-and-drop form builder for rapid study startup and maximum flexibility.

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Ensure regulatory compliance

Configure conditional workflows to tailor the consent process to country, study, and site-specific requirements.

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Automate processes

Leverage automation and reporting to deploy and track (re)consent throughout your clinical study.

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Enable mobile

Access ICFs remotely via web-based interface or the native mobile app of the TrialKit platform.

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Facilitate understanding

Promote learning and engagement with embedded multimedia components and hyperlinks.

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Set notifications

Receive automated email or pop-up notifications and reminders to ensure informed consent completion.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage integrations with other TrialKit platform products such as Triall EDC, Triall RTSM, and Triall CTMS.

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