Triall Clinical Adjudication

Clinical Endpoint Adjudication Solution

Enjoy the benefits of a clinical endpoint adjudication solution that is fully integrated into the TrialKit platform.


With clinical trials becoming increasingly digital and decentralised, electronic endpoint adjudication technology has become a must for efficient and reliable clinical research.


Triall Clinical Adjudication offers a range of tools that allow you to configure and define all relevant adjudication processes and rules. Adjudicators are notified in real-time using email or push notifications, and can subsequently use any device to review and complete their adjudication tasks.


Triall Clinical Adjudication allows you to stay on top of adjudication tasks and thereby promotes the swift, accurate, and unbiased evaluation of any clinical events captured in TrialKit.

Clinical Adjudication

Key functionalities

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Manage adjudication

Configure and define endpoint adjudication processes and rules.

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Enable real-time collaboration

Adjudication tasks are shared with adjudicators in real-time.

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Work remotely

Access adjudication tasks remotely via web-based interface or native mobile app.

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Configure notifications

Schedule automatic notifications via email or in-app push notifications.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage integrations with other TrialKit platform products such as Triall EDC and Triall ePRO.

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