Leverage our Machine Learning API for true EHR-EDC interoperability.


Unstructured EHR data has long remained either untapped or an administrative burden. Triall AI enables you to directly access, structure, and import this data using Artificial Intelligence. It makes true EHR-to-EDC interoperability become a reality.


Triall AI leverages a Machine Learning API to transform unstructured EHR data into structured EDC data entries for your clinical trials. It functions as the middleware that connects your EHR system to Triall EDC or another database of choice.


Triall AI removes the need for manual and duplicate data entry, thereby reducing the chance of human transcription errors while saving significant time and resources. It furthermore helps expedite source data verification and cleaning.


Key functionalities

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Structure EHR data

Transform unstructured EHR data into structured EDC entries.

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Automate data entry

Save significant time and resources with automated data entry.

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Expedite SDV

Expedite source data verification and cleaning across your study..

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Eliminate duplicate work

Remove the need for duplicate data entry in EHR and EDC systems.

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Preserve privacy

Anonymise patient data from EHR documents.

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