Exchange clinical
research data and insights

Triall's Clinical Insights Exchange (CIX) is federated data platform where biopharma professionals, clinicians, and data scientists can exchange clinical data assets and analytics services in a trustworthy, privacy-friendly environment.

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Privacy-preserving Exchange

Enabling secondary use of clinical research data

Over 60,000 clinical trials are initiated each year, but collected research data is often only used for the purpose of a single study.

Triall CIX offers a platform for secure exchange and reuse of research data by interfacing with eClinical solutions and other health information systems used to collect and store clinical data.

Uniquely, CIX enables users to exchange data and insights without having to share or otherwise expose underlying data resources, leveraging a combination of blockchain, self-sovereign identity (SSI) and privacy-enhancing technologies.

CIX in a nutshell
Federated data
data remains at the source
Federated analytics
secure computation over linked datasets
Verifiable data and algorithms
quality and compliance certificates
Digital sovereignty
data owners stay in control
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Federated Analytics

Empowering data scientists
and AI model developers

Next to facilitating exchanges, Triall CIX will provide a platform for innovation in AI and federated data analytics. Data scientists and algorithm developers can leverage diverse clinical datasets that are interfaced with CIX to design, train, and implement advanced analytics services. By default, clinical dataset providers retain full control over access terms and conditions and are directly compensated for providing computational access.

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Unlocking data-driven clinical research

Working with clinicians, data scientists, and AI model developers, Triall CIX targets a variety of use cases to enable more data-driven clinical research, including:

Historical Control Groups

Leveraging control data from past trials to reduce patient burden, lower costs, and advance study timelines, making use of Bayesian and Propensity Score Matching statistical techniques.

Training Deep Learning models

Providing AI developers access to diverse clinical data in a privacy-preserving way to train Computer Aided Diagnosis (CDx) and other types of Deep Learning models for clinical application.

Data-driven study planning & feasibility

Analysing aggregate study performance data for more accurate prediction of study timelines, drop-out rates, and sample size requirements.

Identifying drug targets & trends

Opening up new avenues for clinical, empirical, and epidemiological research into health trends and disease predictors.

CIX Technology

About the technology

The Clinical Insights Exchange applies a combination of decentralised and privacy-enhancing technologies to unlock new ways of data exchange, collaboration, and monetisation for biopharma professionals, clinicians, patients, and computing service providers.

Federated data infrastructure

CIX operates a federated and secure data infrastructure that interconnects different eClinical software and health information systems. Following Gaia-X standards for semantic interoperability and data exchange policies, CIX enables clinical data providers to interchange with data users and algorithm developers, while data remains safely stored at its source.

Fine-grained access management

Through a combination of blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies, CIX facilitates digital sovereignty and verifiable data exchange. Data providers retain full control over terms and conditions that govern access, use, and exchange of their data assets. Moreover, our federated data ecosystem provides verifiable proof of the authenticity of data, algorithms, and identities.

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

CIX enables privacy-friendly analyses over datasets connected to the platform, applying advanced cryptographic techniques such as Compute-to-Data and secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This enables data providers, such as clinical trial sponsors or hospital networks to create value from their sensitive research data without compromising data privacy or confidentiality.

Distributed compensation

CIX is integrated with Triall’s utility token TRL, which will facilitate peer-to-peer, automated reimbursement of all data providers, enabling new compensation models for patients or other dataset contributors. We foresee a library of template automated data agreements: machine-processable smart contracts that facilitate compliant data exchange and distributed data ownership.