Triall RTSM allows you to randomise patients and manage trial supply using a combination of integrated tools.


Reduce administrative burden and avoid supply waste by managing your inventory and patient randomisation using Triall RTSM. This purpose-built tool is an integrated part of the TrialKit platform, meaning you can leverage a range of automation and notification capabilities to ensure effective inventory management.


With Triall RTSM, you can leverage powerful tools to randomise patients by any type of trigger event. Moreover, the application offers automated and predictive reordering capabilities as well as extensive notifications and reporting features.


Triall RTSM allows you to randomise your patients quickly and accurately. It furthermore ensures you maintain optimal site inventory throughout all stages of your clinical trial—from study startup to study closeout.


Key functionalities

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Randomise patients

Randomise patients by trigger event, system variables, or research site.

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Autofill eCRFs

Scan barcodes and autofill data directly into your eCRFs.

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Automate ordering

Enjoy automated and predictive reordering capabilities to maintain site inventory.

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Maintain oversight

Advanced inventory disposition report for viewing product location.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage integrations with other TrialKit platform products such as Triall EDC, Triall eConsent, and Triall CTMS.

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