Empower your sites with a flexible eSource solution for direct data entry.


Research sites have long been burdened by time-consuming and often paper-based tasks associated to source data collection. With Triall eSource, sites can finally move away from traditional paper-based methods to data entry, thereby enabling real-time access to more accurate data (in accordance with ALCOA+).


Triall eSource is an integrated part of the TrialKit platform, meaning site personnel can enter data directly into the database using our native mobile app on phone or table, or by entering data in Triall EDC through our web-based interface. All data is synchronised in real-time, thereby promoting visibility and oversight.


Triall eSource promotes real-time access to data and a more risk-based approach to clinical trial management and oversight. It improves the overall accuracy and efficiency of data collection and effectively removes paper-based and duplicate processes.


Key functionalities

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Create advanced eSource documents

Tap into an advanced drag-and-drop form builder for highly customisable eSource documents.

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Collect any type of data

Collect data from advanced fields such as image, video, audio, annotation, and eSignature with a user-friendly mobile interface.

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Upload existing source documents

Rapidly scan or upload existing paper source documents directly into the eCRFs within Triall EDC.

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Eliminate duplicate data entry

Eliminate redundant and double data entry and reduce time spent on source data verification (SDV).

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Prevent transcription errors

Decrease human transcription errors with advanced edit checks and notifications to optimize and ensure data accuracy.

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Enable risk-based monitoring

Enable risk-based monitoring to ensure patient safety and optimize resource-allocation.

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Promote sponsor-site collaboration

Enable a more proactive and streamlined collaboration between sponsor and sites.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage integrations with other TrialKit platform products such as Triall EDC, Triall ePRO, and Triall Wearable Integration.

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