Introducing TRL

On September 28, 2021, Triall introduced its platform-native utility token TRL. The launch of TRL followed a successful crowdfunding campaign that built a community of over 1,500 investors across the globe.


What's the purpose of TRL?

TRL is a key building block for the envisioned Triall data ecosystem, where it will coordinate fair and equitable exchange of clinical data resources between data providers, data consumers, and service providers.

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Network Building

TRL brings together a multi-disciplinary community of 3,000+ TRL holders and 4,400+ members from 50+ countries.

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Platform Access

TRL coordinates access to Triall software and services.

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Rewards & Incentives

For patient and investigator communities, promoting trial recruitment, retention, and engagement.

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Data Monetisation

Enabling fractional data ownership between Sponsor, CROs, Sites, and patients.

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Payment & Reimbursement

TRL enables to coordinate milestone-based payments and reimbursements through programmable contracts and workflows.


About the TRL community

The TRL community brings together people from different backgrounds, cultures, and geographies who share a common interest in promoting Triall’s vision for clinical research. Their support as investors and advocates has been and continues to be a key success driver of the Triall ecosystem.