Triall EDC allows you to rapidly build, deploy, and manage study forms from any device and any location.


Triall's Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system offers a secure and efficient way to collect study data from any type of data source connected to the TrialKit platform. Due to its intuitive design, data managers can quickly build, deploy, and validate their eCRF forms.


Triall EDC offers an advanced drag-and-drop form builder that allows for maximum flexibility and includes condition-based logic and permissions based on study randomisation or other subject- or visit-specific criteria.


Gone are the days of lengthy study startup timelines and duplicate form building. Triall EDC provides you with an interoperable and adaptable solution that promotes operational efficiency, data quality, and regulatory compliance.


Key functionalities

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Create advanced eCRFs

Tap into an advanced drag-and-drop form builder for rapid study startup and maximum flexibility.

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Replicate & repurpose

Easily replicate and repurpose forms across studiesand leverage our template form librar

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Version control

Use study version control to handle protocol changes.

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Perform queries

Perform form-, field-, and interval-based queries via web or mobile app.

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Enjoy single sign-on (SSO)

Quickly access and manage all your studies through one single sign-on environment.

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Configure notifications

Schedule automatic notifications via email or in-app push notifications.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage integrations with other TrialKit platform products such as Triall ePRO, Triall eConsent, Triall RTSM, and Triall CTMS.

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