Triall ePRO / eCOA offers a convenient and easy-to-use solution for carrying out surveys.


Triall ePRO is a powerful tool for remote collection of electronic patient reported outcomes and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) in clinical trials. It offers the opportunity for patients to complete surveys from any location using their own device (BYOD), with little to no training.


Triall ePRO allows you to rapidly build and deploy surveys while including push and email notifications to promote survey completion. As an integrated part of the TrialKit platform, it furthermore enables you to track surveys in real-time with safety notifications to enable timely intervention.


Triall ePRO stimulates proactive patient management and monitoring. As an integrated part of the TrialKit platform, the application allows for direct data entry and oversight, ensuring you stay on top of any new developments and safety issues.

ePRO / eCoa

Key functionalities

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Build advanced surveys

Quickly build and deploy patient surveys with a powerful drag-and-drop form builder.

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Enable mobile

Enable remote survey collection from any device and any location.

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Maintain oversight

View and manage patient data in real time as it is being generated.

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Get notified

Receive safety notifications to enable timely action in case of adverse events.

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Set reminders

Configure automated push and email notifications and reminders to promote survey completion.

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Tap into wearables

Collect data from connected wearable and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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Interoperable by design

Seamless integration with other Triall products, including EDC, CTMS, and RTSM.

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