Data Management

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We help you maintain data accuracy, integrity, and quality throughout all stages of your clinical trial.

Why choose our partner network?

Data management plays a pivotal role in the scientific and commercial success of your clinical trial. Our vetted data management experts help you streamline your data management processes, ensuring data accuracy, integrity, and quality throughout all phases of your study.

Our approach to data management

Our experts work closely with you to develop a customised data management plan that aligns with your unique study objectives and requirements. By leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies, we ensure efficient data capture, storage, and integration, thereby minimising errors, improving data accuracy, and accelerating your study timelines.

Triall has built a network of selected CRO partners who each excel in their respective domain, allowing us to offer you a truly end-to-end service offering. Each partner has undergone a rigorous vendor qualification to ensure our services meet the highest standards.

Data Capture

We offer our data management services in a selection of widely accepted electronic data capture (EDC) systems, thereby providing you with the flexibility to choose your preferred system.

Database Design & Build

Our experts are specialised in eCRF design, setup, and training. We design your clinical database to facilitate easy data retrieval, analysis, and reporting, reducing the risk of potential errors and delays.

Data Validation & Cleaning

Through rigorous validation checks and automated data cleaning, we identify data discrepancies, outliers, and inconsistencies, thereby enhancing the quality of your study data in line with a comprehensive data validation plan.

Continuous Data Review

We conduct real-time monitoring by configuring automated alerts to swiftly address data discrepancies and deviations. This allows you to maintain data integrity throughout your study and eliminates the need for large-scale data reconciliation efforts at specific time points.

Custom Reporting

Our clinical data management services empower you with customised, real-time reports and data visualisations that offer insights into study progress, participant recruitment, and overall performance.

Depth of Expertise

With a team of experienced data managers, biostatisticians, and IT professionals, we possess the knowledge and skillsets required to navigate the intricacies of clinical trial data.

Streamlined Processes

Our streamlined data management processes minimise the risk of manual errors, reduce redundant tasks, and optimise your overall study timeline.

Regulatory Compliance

We prioritise data security and regulatory compliance, ensuring that your trial adheres to applicable industry standards and regulations.

Collaborative Approach

We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Frequent touch points and communication keep you informed about data trends, potential challenges, and opportunities for optimisation.

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