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A strategic and data-driven approach to meeting recruitment timelines and lowering drop-out rates.

Why choose our partner network?

At Triall, we recognise that patient recruitment and retention are critical components of conducting successful clinical trials. Through our qualified partner network, we can offer custom-tailored patient recruitment services that help you accelerate enrolment timelines and maintain participant engagement throughout the full length of your study.

Our approach to patient recruitment & retention

We employ a strategic and data-driven approach to ensure your clinical trial meets its recruitment goals while upholding the highest ethical and privacy standards. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, we optimise every aspect of the patient recruitment and retention process.

Triall has built a network of selected CRO partners who each excel in their respective domain, allowing us to offer you a truly end-to-end service offering. Each partner has undergone a rigorous vendor qualification to ensure our services meet the highest standards.

Targeted Patient Identification

Using advanced databases and patient profiling tools, we identify and target specific patient populations that match your study's criteria. Our extensive network of investigators and research sites enables us to reach out to potential participants efficiently.

Engaging Multichannel Recruitment

We create compelling, GDPR/HIPAA-compliant marketing campaigns that resonate with potential participants. By leveraging various online and offline channels, including social media, digital advertising, patient communities, and investigator networks, we maximise the visibility of your clinical trial.

Streamlined Screening Process

We streamline the patient screening process to ensure quick and accurate eligibility assessments. By using pre-screening questionnaires, we identify suitable candidates, saving valuable time for both your team and the potential participants while reducing screen failure rates.

Patient-Centric Retention Strategies

Keeping participants engaged and committed is crucial for the success of any clinical trial. We adhere to patient-centric retention strategies, including personalised communication and support methods based on the Subjective Experienced Health Model (SEHM) developed by Bloem & Stalpers in 2012.

Data-Driven Performance Monitoring

We continuously monitor the performance of recruitment efforts and retention strategies using real-time data analytics. This allows us to make data-driven adjustments and optimisations, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness throughout the trial's lifecycle.

Accelerated Patient Enrollment

Our tailored approach expedites the patient recruitment process, ensuring you meet your target recruitment timeframe and your clinical trial stays on track.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

We increase retention rates and reduce participant dropout by prioritising patient needs and satisfaction using personalised communication and support methods.

Compliance & Ethical Standards

Our practices adhere to regulatory requirements and ethical guidelines to ensure you maintain the integrity of your clinical trial.


Targeted patient recruitment strategies and retention efforts save valuable time and resources, ultimately reducing the overall costs of your study.

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