Triall eTMF provides a single secure environment for managing trial-related documents and ensuring inspection readiness throughout the clinical trial lifecycle.


With our electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) solution you can file, manage, and track all your clinical trial documents from within the TrialKit platform environment.


Triall eTMF is accessible from any device and location by authorised individuals at the Sponsor-, CRO-, and Site-level. Researchers can leverage the pre-populated DIA TMF Reference model folder structure to speed up study startup and initiate document management tasks right from the start.


Triall eTMF supports proactive clinical trial document management, helping you to ensure a continent state of inspection readiness throughout your study.


Key functionalities

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Manage documents

Access, review, edit, and sign trial-related documents in single centralised platform.

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Enable mobile

Build and maintain the eTMF from virtually any device and any location.

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Boost site engagement

Promote site engagement by providing access to selected site staff members.

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Leverage prepopulated DIA TMF Reference Model folder structure.

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Promote auditability

Verifiable and reportable audit trail logs of all user activity and document changes.

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Ensure compliance

Configure role-based access permissions to ensure security and compliance.

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