Triall Payments Manager

Site Payment Solution

Triall Payments Manager helps promote site engagement by ensuring timely reimbursement based on tasks completion.


As the industry struggles to engage and retain research sites, ensuring timely reimbursement is more important than ever. Triall Payments Manager is integrated with the TrialKit platform, meaning you can configure payments based on important trigger events such as data entry completion or investigator sign-off.


Triall Payments Manager allows you to assign payment details to individual study forms, manage and track payments in real-time, and set up user-defined payment rules and conditions. The application can be integrated with a third-party payment processor to activate payments upon trigger events.


Triall Payments Manager ensures timely reimbursement of research sites based on completed study milestones and tasks. It provides openness and transparency by providing both sponsor and site with an overview of the transactional history for all executed payments.

Payments Manager

Key functionalities

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Track study milestones

Track completed forms and patient visits for payment purposes.

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Assign payment details

Assign payment details to individual forms across all research sites.

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Monitor payments

Manage and track payments in a single integrated platform.

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Configure payment rules

Set up and configure user-defined payment rules and conditions.

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Maintain oversight

View payment history for all previous payments.

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Integrate processor

Integrate with third-party payment processor.

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