Triall Blockchain Proof

Verifiable Data Integrity API

Generate an immutable and system-independent audit trail of your essential clinical trial documents.


With the shift to digital and decentralised clinical trials, ensuring data integrity has become a top priority for clinical trial stakeholders. Triall Blockchain Proof allows you to secure the integrity of your trial-related documents—even after your eClinical systems have long been retired.


Essential documents are anchored and time-stamped on an immutable blockchain ledger through a privacy-preserving mechanism called hashing. This allows authorised individuals to indisputably verify that a document was present at a certain point in time and that its content has not been altered since.


Triall Blockchain Proof reduces data corruption and manipulation. It provides additional assurance on the correct sequence of trial events and the authenticity of associated documents. This helps promote stakeholder trust, enhances the value of the sponsor eTMF, and offers a new best practice for data integrity and exchange across existing organisational boundaries.

Blockchain Proof

Key functionalities

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Verify data integrity

Verify the existence & authenticity of trial-related documents, in line with ALCOA+.

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Promote data auditability

Generate an immutable audit trail of trial-related documents.

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Enable tamper-resistance

Boost resilience against data corruption and manipulation.

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Boost stakeholder trust

Provide stakeholders with additional assurance on correct sequence of events and the authenticity of documents, and enhance the value of the sponsor eTMF.

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Interoperable by design

Leverage audit trial that lives independent of your eClinical systems and infrastructure.

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