Bringing Web3 to medical research

Triall offers innovative software for clinical trials. Since 2018, Triall has been spearheading the implementation of decentralised & privacy-enhancing technologies in clinical research, working together with expert organisations such as Mayo Clinic and innovating on top of a platform that has been used in over 8,000 clinical trials worldwide. Powered by its utility token $TRL, Triall is gradually building towards the Clinical Insights Exchange (CIX), a federated data ecosystem that offers a platform for advanced analytics and AI while facilitating fair data exchange between researchers, patients, and other key stakeholders.

Stake TRL
Core Utility & Token Economics

TRL in the Triall ecosystem

TRL Platform Fee

TRL provides access to the Triall platform where it is used to purchase software and services for each new clinical trial.

Lock-up Mechanism

65% of the TRL Platform Fee is locked for the entire duration of the clinical trial.

Burn Mechanism

17.5% of the TRL Platform Fee is permanently burned from the token supply.

Liquidity Boost

The remaining 17.5% is doubled with the reserves of the TRL Treasury and used to increase the liquidity depth of the TRL token market.

Additional UtilitIES

TRL is intended for

Rewards and incentives

For patients and investigator communities. Promoting clinical trial recruitment, retention, and engagement—major issues in the current clinical trial environment.

Monetisation of data assets

Enabling fractional data ownership between Sponsor, CROs, Investigative Sites, and patients.

Payments & Reimbursements

Direct, milestone-based payments and reimbursement, facilitated through programmable contracts and workflows.

Trade TRL

TRL is tradable on the following exchanges


Token type:


Token type:
Contract address:


Token type:
Contract address:


Token type:
ERC-20, BEP-20
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TRL is used in the real world today

Clinical Trial Projects
Token Holders
Key TRL metrics
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Circulating Supply:
Total Burned:
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Last updated: Wed 29 Nov, 2023

Project USPs

Spearheading Web3 technology in clinical trials

First Mover

World’s first to implement blockchain in live and running clinical trials with our successful pilot in 2019.

Industry Experience

Deep understanding of industry needs and trends. Team managed 150+ clinical trials across 30+ countries.

Global Network

Value network of industry partners and potential customers that stretches the globe.

Thought Leader

Published blockchain article in Science and 250+ peer-reviewed papers on innovation in the Life Sciences.

Market Validation

Collaborating with industry-leading stakeholders in our customer domain to build our future vision.

Double-Digit Market

The market for clinical trial software (‘eClinical solutions’) is growing at a CAGR of 13.8%.

Our team

Meet the people behind Triall

Combined, our team has managed 150+ clinical trials across 30+ countries, published about clinical research and innovation in top-tier academic journals such as Nature Biotechnology and Science, and successfully developed companies through all stages of growth, both in the Life Sciences and in the enterprise software domain.

Join Us
Hadil Es-Sbai

Hadil Es-Sbai


Empathetic and tireless leader with extensive clinical development expertise. Innovator and team builder. Founder of multiple successful service companies in the Life Sciences.

Niels Klomp

Niels Klomp


Experienced blockchain and SaaS architect. Serial tech-entrepreneur with 15+ years’ experience in various CTO roles. Community-appointed director of the Factom Blockchain, now Accumulate Network.

Jerry Speel

Jerry Speel


Financial manager (EMFC, RC) with 35+ years' experience in finance and control on strategic and operational level. Board-level experience across the full company lifecycle, from SME to multinational. Supported companies through IPO.

Joost Flach, PhD

Joost Flach, PhD

Head of Operations

Clinical researcher, project manager and medical writer, operating at the interface between industry and academia. Early blockchain technology enthusiast, dedicated to realising end-user functionalities.

Mark van der Waal, PhD

Mark van der Waal, PhD

Head of Product & Innovation

Health technology innovation specialist with degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Health Technology Assessment, and Business Management. Passionate visual designer with 15 years’ experience in UI, web, and graphic design.

Raymond van der Waal

Raymond van der Waal

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Researcher, consultant, and copywriter with a background in Biomedical Sciences and Entrepreneurship. Passion for making complex technologies understandable for a broader audience. Contrary to popular belief, not related to Mark. ;‐)

Rob Posthumus

Rob Posthumus

General Counsel

Corporate lawyer and deal-maker with extensive experience as legal counsel in the pharma & health care industries. Headed the legal department of Erasmus University Medical Center.

Laura van der Leden

Laura van der Leden

HR, F&A & Office Support

Service-oriented occupational psychologist bringing over 25 yrs of experience as support staff professional. Tailored her skills to the needs of management and employees in small businesses in different B2B services fields.


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