March 24, 2022
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Triall partners with Crucial Data Solutions

Triall has partnered with Crucial Data Solutions, a leading eClinical solution provider whose software has been used in over 7,500 clinical trials.

Triall x Crucial Data Solutions

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Crucial Data Solutions (CDS), a leading eClinical solution provider whose software has been used by over 7,500 clinical trials worldwide. As part of this partnership, Triall will will integrate its blockchain APIs with the eClinical solutions of CDS, realising the world's first end-to-end eClinical platform powered by blockchain. The platform covers all core clinical trial functions (e.g., EDC, CTMS, eTMF, RTSM, eConsent, Medical Coding, Wearable integration, etc.) to radically advance data integrity, auditability, and interoperability in the global clinical trials industry.

The landmark partnership is a major leap forward for Triall as it enables the company to innovate on top of a validated eClinical platform that is trusted by thousands of industry professionals globally. Offered as part of the Triall ecosystem, the eClinical solutions will apply blockchain to generate verifiable proof of the integrity of clinical trial data, documents, and processes.

"Both CDS and Triall share a common vision where patients and sponsors of clinical research expect and deserve improved data privacy, security, and accountability. This partnership brings the future forward by giving patients unprecedented confidence in knowing that their data is secure and their privacy is protected." - Jeff Rogers, President at Crucial Data Solutions
"Clinical trials have become increasingly digital, data-driven, and decentralised. This underlines the need for an end-to-end eClinical platform that unifies and secures all essential trial activities and processes. We have found the ideal partner in CDS and are very excited to continue our journey together.'' - Hadil Es-Sbai, CEO at Triall

The full press release can be found through this link.

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