May 26, 2023
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Triall announces upcoming prototype release of the CIX

Today we announced the upcoming prototype release of the Clinical Insights Exchange, a federated clinical data marketplace.

More than 60,000 clinical trials are initiated each year, but collected data is often only used for the purpose of a single study due to lack of sharing infrastructure and incentives as well as confidentiality and privacy concerns. Clinical trial data therefore represents a vastly growing and largely untapped resource that offers a wealth of opportunities for advancing drug development globally

Triall is addressing this opportunity by building the Clinical Insights Exchange (CIX), a federated data marketplace that will enable privacy-friendly reuse of clinical trial data through a combination of decentralised and privacy-enhancing technologies. The CIX aims to become a platform for advanced cryptographic techniques and AI models, allowing for privacy-friendly analysis over aggregated clinical trial data. It will enable data providers, such as biopharma companies and medical research centres, to repurpose and create value from their sensitive research data without compromising data privacy or confidentiality.

Nicky Hekster, theme lead Health & Care DBC: "As Triall unveils its ground-breaking CIX marketplace for clinical trials, it embarks on a transformative journey where decentralised technology meets healthcare innovation. This platform opens up new avenues for patient-centric research, empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of healthcare."
Hadil Es-Sbai, co-founder and CEO Triall: “The CIX marks an important next step in building towards a global digital ecosystem that interconnects all parties and systems involved in clinical trials. We’re thrilled to collaborate with industry-leading organisations to help shape and materialise our vision and are grateful for the support offered by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.”

Full press release:

English version

Dutch version

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