July 6, 2023
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Lessons learned at the DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting in Boston

Our team looks back on an inspiring and thought-provoking week in Boston at DIA 2023, the world’s premier biopharma industry event.

Looking back on DIA 2023

Big shoutout to all who joined and engaged in our workshop and presentation at DIA 2023. We had the honour of hosting two sessions where we explained how blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) can be used to de-risk clinical trial operations, incentivise data sharing, and empower patients.

Our team was highly impressed by the quality and diversity of questions from the audience, which led to a lively discussion on the drivers and barriers for open, verifiable, and patient-centric clinical research.

Next to our own presentations, our team looks back on an inspiring and thought-provoking week in Boston. In this article, we’ll summarise some of the key lessons learned from our favourite sessions.

Lessons learned from our favourite sessions

Session #274: Modernising Clinical Trials - A Regulatory Perspective

Key takeaway: it’s more difficult to predict clinical trial performance than ever before. Risk is rising while ROI is decreasing as cycle time length and variation have significantly increased. This underlines the need for novel approaches to de-risk and improve study predictability.

Session #212: Full Exposure - Artificial Intelligence to Advance, Replace, and Add Efficiency for Patient Benefit

key takeaway: We need to have the proper incentives in place to make it worthwhile for industry, care providers, and patients to share their data and we have to build the infrastructure to make this possible.

Session #303: Returning Individual Participant Data - A Cultural and Operational Shift Towards Personalized Clinical Trial Options

Key takeaway: There’s a growing body of organisations and initiatives that are focusing on returning individual participant data as a means to boost patient empowerment. Examples are the TransCelerate Individual Participant Data Return Initiative and the IMI-FACILITATE project.

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