October 25, 2022
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Clinical trial coordinators sentenced to prison

Two clinical trial coordinators have been sentenced to prison after data falsifications scheme.

Data falsification scheme

Two Florida-based CRO study coordinators have been sentenced to 2+ years in prison over falsifying clinical trial data. According to the indictment, the researchers falsified the medical records of patients to make it appear as if they were eligible for clinical trial inclusion. Moreover, the researchers also admitted to falsify data to make it seem as if patients were participating in trials when in truth they were not.

Verifiable proof of clinical trial data

This case exemplifies the importance of Verifiable Proofs for clinical trial data and patient identity authentication. Using blockchain, we can build towards a decentralised and proof-based environment that allows us to verify the integrity of essential data and documents across all core study processes and stakeholders.

Source: Endpoint News

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