global initiative.

Triall is thankful for its global network of believers and investors. Here we showcase several Triall enthusiasts and their reasons for supporting our project. Like them, will you join us on our mission to accelerate clinical trials through blockchain-enabled technology?

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  • I have over 12 years of experience in designing and managing clinical research projects, working for major companies like AstraZeneca and Novartis. I see this as a much-needed project with great potential. It will be really useful for the new era of clinical trials, in terms of data capturing, monitoring, and privacy management.”

    United Kingdom
    Clinical Research Manager, PhD
  • I’m a marketing consultant for several alt coins. My passion and experience have led me to the FinTech industry. This token, in my opinion is solving a real pain point that exists today. To use blockchain to authenticate clinical trials is genius.”

    United States
    Digital Marketing & Brand Strategist
  • I strongly believe Triall will pave the way for blockchain’s real-world use, which will revolutionise medical data handling. On the token side, they have implemented staking, burning, and an internal stable currency to avoid volatility. The team is at the pinnacle of professionalism, from marketing and management down to the engagement with the community and investors. I feel exceptionally privileged to be involved, and am excited to watch Triall blossom into a world-renowned brand.”

    Stock, Crypto & Startup Investor
  • I am a pharmacist and this sounds like an efficient way to have my clinical trials run smoothly.”

    United Kingdom
  • As a manager and investor you are always looking for companies that can bring value. As soon as I saw what Triall is doing, it captured my attention. Not only the tech and applications they are building are top notch, but the team is dedicated and professional. With industry leaders in the medical field on their side, there is no doubt in my head Triall will make a change in the medical trial industry and that the project will be successful.”

    CEO, Investor
  • I like the Triall project, and I am firsthand familiar with clinical trials. I think blockchain will significantly increase the effectiveness of clinical trials and take them to a new level. I decided to invest in Triall also because the project belongs to the real sector of the economy, and in the future can make huge profits!”

    Professional brewer at Green Snake Brewery, Doctor in Cardiology
  • It’s amazing to see how companies like Triall are innovating in the space by bridging the gap between blockchain and healthcare/research. With a solid line of products behind it all, promising to bring smarter, safer, and more-efficient clinical trials to the world, Triall should not be missing from any serious investor portfolio. So much potential.”

    United Kingdom
    UX Design Director, Startup investor
  • This sound like an interesting, functional and forward-thinking project, and I would like to be part of it.”

    United Kingdom
    Architect at a Design and Planning Studio
  • To build a successful business we need 3 fundamental things: unique idea, furnished product, and experienced team. With Triall you have them all. First project to bring medical trials on the blockchain, furnished product in Verial eTMF, and the heavily experienced team in the medial trials field. It’s just a matter of time and you will see Triall lead their way to immense success.”

    Crypto Enthusiast
  • As a PhD Research Fellow and Teaching Assistant specialising in Molecular Genetics, I am inspired, motivated and thrilled at the prospects of Triall bringing a web 3.0 digital ecosystem to the medical/clinical research field. I am excited to join Triall.”

    Molecular Geneticist, Investor in Crypto/Blockchain Startups
  • When I first got in touch with the Triall team, I was so impressed with their professionalism, and I could see how much they value their investors and community. It was a no-brainer for me to involve my team of investors in backing this project. They are extremely clear on the problem they are solving, which is very reassuring. Being from the healthcare sector, I’ve been waiting to find and support a disruptive project that can transform the industry.”

    United Kingdom
    NHS Healthcare Professional, Private Investor
  • Everything Triall has presented so far indicates that it will be one of the most solid tokens on the market. Furthermore, the proposal pleases me, both in terms of social responsibility and economic viability. I intend to be a holder and help spread the the word.”

    Public Employee
  • The Triall project is close and important to me. Because I myself work in the field of healthcare, I am ready to provide support for its development.”

    Healthcare Professional
  • You have my full support, as I am an avid believer in medical sciences. This is the perfect chance to support a project that will undoubtedly help and fast-track the development of groundbreaking and lifesaving medicine.”

    United Kingdom
    Retail Crypto Investor
  • Triall is a blockchain project that has utility in real world. Bringing blockchain technology to medical trials is mind-blowing, and could help boost vaccine development timelines and combat future health crises. In short: best project, with the best utility.”

    Triall Ambassador
  • I support Triall because I would love to see clinical research done in a safer manner. I love to see blockchain technology implemented in every aspect of human development, in every way possible.”

    West Africa
    CEO at
  • I love that Triall actively combines healthcare with technological advances in the blockchain and crypto space.”

    GIS Analyst & Researcher