August 4, 2022
min read

Allegations of fabricated research data undermine key alzheimer's theory

According to Science Magazine, several hallmark scientific papers on the origin of Alzheimer’s show clear signs of image tampering.

A recent investigation published in Science Magazine revealed that several hallmark scientific papers on the origin of Alzheimer's show “shockingly blatant” examples of image tampering. The investigation suggests millions of research funding has been misspent with the fraudulent data possibly misdirecting 16 years of Alzheimer’s research.

The Science report can be found here.

Verifiable proof of clinical trial data

These findings demonstrate once more that verifiable proof of research data is not a 'nice to have' but a clear necessity. By time-stamping data on an immutable public blockchain ledger, anyone can verify that data was present at a certain point in time and has not been altered since. Generating these verifiable proofs right at the moment when data is generated (and before anyone can even make sense of the data) will help advance existing quality standards and sound research conduct.

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